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July 07, 2006



The Spirit of Vatican II Catechism, Vol 12: The Sacraments, for Artisans of a New Universe-Contexted Non- Speciesist Humanity.

Q 1. "What are the Sacraments?"
A. "The Sacraments are events of truth and love with a firm anchorage in social praxis".

I can't stop laughing. Humor strikes me in the oddest places...and baby, this is an odd place! Thanks!

Spirit of Vatican II

"The Sacraments are events of truth and love with a firm anchorage in social praxis".

Certainly the New Testament presents the Eucharist as such. Note how often the words truth and love occur in John 13-17 in its eucharistic context and how constantly in such contexts Jesus and Paul assert the necessity of social praxis to enact the Eucharist fully and worthily. If you want a frozen vision of the Paschal Mystery divorced from engagement with the sufferings of humankind, you are not in accord with the authentic Catholic vision.

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