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June 15, 2007


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I feel honored that you used my paper as a reference. This may be the first time it was actually used in a positive light :-) Thanks. How did you know about the site?

Spirit of Vatican II

Here is a review by Thomas Weinandy: http://www.nvjournal.net/images/stories/SampleArticles/7.1.pdf

"Benedict is rejecting the oblique Marcionism contained in some contemporary biblical scholarship, which limits the meaning of a particular Old Testament book solely to its historical context." His dismissal of Isaiah's hopes for world peace suggest rather that a spiritualizing and allegorizing take on the OT conduces to Marcionism.

"Benedict is not afraid to interweave passages from a variety of biblical books, after the manner of the Fathers of the Church, so as to develop a theological point, particularly concerning the person and work of Christ." I notice that many German theologians think they are doing a favor to Jews when they say, "we do not reject your scriptures as Marcion did, we recognize them as foretelling Christ, when suitably interpreted."

"It is precisely because Jesus’ divinity is so evident in John’s Gospel that many scholars have rejected its historicity." That is an outrageous claim.

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