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July 27, 2007



Mr. O'Leary,

I really enjoy reading your thought provoking commentaries on so many of the "controversial" issues that simply aren't getting the attention they deserve from more conservative Catholics, not to mention your interesting writings on literature and Continental philosophy.

However, I felt I should inform you that your articles are often extremely difficult to read through due to grossly oversized as well as seemingly randomly changing font sizes. Perhaps it's only my computer (or browser or operating system), but I thought it wouldn't hurt to say here what it looks like from my side, in case other people were having the same problem.

Other than that technical aesthetic issue, keep up the good work!

Oh, and I do like the new colors of the site...it's a nice change.


Fr. O'Leary,

Keep up the good work.

Having a council welcomed and then abandoned within the space of my own lifetime would be a little bit more cognitive dissonance than I can handle.

Never mind the naysayers out there. Some of us who still believe in the Council are alive and well.

joseph m a ledlie

You would do us all a service if you posted your credentials on your website.

[Thanks, but they are already posted; just scroll down to "About" -- JSOL]

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