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November 02, 2007


Sonia Montaño

Dear Mr. Joseph O´Leary:

My name is Sonia Montaño, I am journalist from a brasilian University.
We are getting in touch with you, intending to propose you an
interview by e-mail, for a weekly brazilian publication. Our
electronic magazine called IHU On-Line (www.unisinos.br/ihu), edited
by the Instituto Humanitas Unisinos, on the Universidade do Vale do
Rio dos Sinos (UNISINOS), located on the city São Leopoldo, near from
Porto Alegre, on Brazil South.

The magazine approaches important subjects concerning society, in a
journalistic and scientific way. The public varies between professors
and university researchers and militant ones of social and religious
We are preparing an edition about Jesus Christ's contemporary
scientific research. We would like to interview you through this way.
Is it possible?

We hope you can briefly answer to us. The interview will be by e-mail,
we will send you some questions, you can answer to us, if possible,
till the coming 5 December 2007, considering our editorial limits.

From already we appreciate its important collaboration.

Thank you very much!


Sonia Montaño
Instituto Humanitas Unisinos
5551 98989956

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