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May 08, 2009



This solum magisterium dis-ease spreads due to a virulent strain of a creeping, or should one say creepy, infallibilism, which spreads rapidly in the foundationalistic, fundamentalistic substrates of a still regnant (and repugnant) naive realism (giving only a pretentious lip-service to self-criticality). There is both an orthopathic innoculation and hermeneutical hygienic remedy available in the nonfoundational approaches of both East and West and they are best nurtured in an epistemic substrate known as fallibilism, which navigates axiologically via deeply-felt, existentially-authentic sensibilities (e.g. liturgical & communal) and not rationalistically.

Spirit of Vatican II

Congrats on your website JB, I hope to learn a lot from it.

John L Murphy

Not sure how to contact you otherwise, but I have two queries among many topics about which we share a common interest. 1) Origen's Commentary on Ezekiel's remark about Druids & Buddhists in pre-Christian Britain knowing already of the Godhead or unity: any context around this claim, or is it in isolation? 2) I'd like to read your IASIL-Japan 2001 talk on Buddhism & "Ulysses," but I cannot find it archived. Thanks and best wishes...JLM

Spirit of Vatican II

Hello John -- the Buddhism and Ulysses talk survives within my essay on "Dublin in Ulysses" -- the Origen reference to Britannia is very fleeting; there is nothing about Druids and Buddhists as far as I know; there is a famous reference to the Buddha in Clement of Alexandria, Stromateis I, 15; but you should ask Gerard Bostock who is both an expert Origenist and a historian of the early British Church.


There is no evidence that condoms stop the spread of AIDS in Africa. Condoms have had the opposite consequence.

Please do not employ bandwagon arguments.

Spirit of Vatican II

It is said that the phobia against condoms in African countries is one reason why Aids has spread there so massively. I see no evidence that condoms, rather than their absence, are to blame for this. Where is your evidence for this claim?


Condoms have a context. Condoms are used by human beings in a particular cultural context. I spent many years living in Africa and condoms simply do not work for reasons that would take to long to explain to you.

If I may make an analogy. It is true that guns do not kill people, people kill people. In the US, the culture is a relatively violent culture so when guns are introduced into the population there are rather violent consequences. Now Switzerland has a significantly lower violence rate than the US; but has almost universal gun ownership. There is something in Swiss culture that despite higher rates of gun ownership does not lend itself to the same problem other societies suffer from.

By the way, those who argue in favor of condoms already admit my principle. The only 100% effective preventive of sexually transmitted AIDS is abstinence. This is so obvious that no one can deny it. Yet, many do deny what is perfectly obvious. Why, because the proponents of condoms in Africa have essentially argued that abstinence does not work on account of the Afirican culture. Therefore, they argue since abstinence does not work we should use condoms. The problem as we are quite aware now that condoms do not work on account of African culture either.

So we are left with 3 choices. 1. continue with condom distribution. 2. return to abstinence. 3. find some new way. There is no serious contender for #3. #1 works less well than #2. So it seems we should return to #2.

Spirit of Vatican II

The ABC method, successful in Uganda, combines abstinence, fidelity and condoms, three prescriptions of common sense.

Spirit of Vatican II


A not unreasonable piece, albeit from an Opus Dei perspective; but Benedict was not able to phrase his position so flexibly. But the hellish implications of Vatican logic and tactics are shown up in this piece: http://www.americamagazine.org/blog/entry.cfm?blog_id=2&id=27944603-3048-741E-6720211751000482

Note the comment by Quentin de la Bedoyere.

In my opinion the use of condoms is ALWAYS an act of moral responsibility, whether the sexual act be a moral or immoral one.

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