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December 14, 2009


Gene O'Grady

I hope you haven't been intimidated out of using the term "fustian" by a previous commenter (commentor?) It certainly seems appropriate -- I recently ran across a survey of good examples of fustian in the work of the now nearly forgotten Harrison Ainsworth.

Aside from the issues of tone and word order, I think that "benignus" and "kind" differ from each other in that "kind" is limited in application to an attitude, perhaps sentimentalized, whereas "benignus" includes more of the effects in action. But I could be wrong, or I could still be smoldering after all these years from the degrading of "beneficent negligence" into "benign neglect."


I just read the revisions and don't see why in the world someone would think that the changes are "disasterous"! They are simply a more true translation than what we have been saying since Vatican II. Anyone who supports the Church and her magisterium should respect these changes in humility.

Spirit of Vatican II

The changes are imposed in a manner inconsonant with Vatican II and they are not respected by the very bishops who rubberstamped them under Vatican pressure; nor have they even been asked to rubberstamp the 10,000 additional changes made since the Vatican recognitio. Such a situation calls for a mature critical response, just as other poor decisions of the Vatican do. Priests, who will actually be expected to recite the dreadful new texts, will have to decide what to do. I expect that bishops will respect their conscientious decisions. Many priests are now using the 1998 translations rejected by Rome, and if this proves more pastorally effective that using the new ones, bishops will be happy.

Spirit of Vatican II

I checked with a leading Latinist, asking him if DIGNUM ET IUSTUM EST can be translated IT IS RIGHT AND JUST. He assured me that JUST is a mistranslation.

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