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February 03, 2010



Why is 14,000 signatures considered significant?

There are about 68,000,000 Catholics in the United States.


This is interesting;


The comments are also interesting.

Spirit of Vatican II

14000 signatures is very few, given the gravity of the issue. But at last it seems to be taking off -- there has been a surge in signatures in the last few days, including 500 more in the last 9 hours. And the signatories include many of the great and good in Catholicism today, committed and engaged Catholics and persons of special liturgical and linguistic expertise. Indeed I do not see how any engaged Catholic, endowed with a minimum of linguistic sensitivity, could read these translations carefully and not want to sign the petition!

Spirit of Vatican II

Now there are already 15119 signatures.

Spirit of Vatican II

Now 16024.


So what? This Church is not a Democracy. The online poll is a farce. It can be signed multiple times under as many names and descriptions as one would like. Its a fraud just like the people that are promulgating it. We have waited long enough. The previous texts were made by a protestant commission and they have obviously failed to do any good. Good bye.

Spirit of Vatican II

Actually I recognize many of the names on the petition; they are real people, right enough, and you can read hundreds of their intelligent comment. Nor is it anonymously sponsored like the silly counter-petition with its spurious title, "We've waited long enough" -- "we" being the incompetent curial functionaries (Medinez, Ranjith etc) who have pushed these incompetent translations through -- along with their overheated, ideologically motivated groupies such as Fr Zuhlsdorf. As to the use of "Protestant" as a slur against your fellow-Catholics, I think we would all do well to learn from our Protestant brethren how to use the English language in liturgy. I think the flatness of our present texts is a punishment for our hubris in ignoring their 500 years of experience. By the way, please advert to the 1998 translations that the Vatican suppressed: from all I have seen they are superior to the current translations and far superior to the farcical new ones about to be thrust on us.

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