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May 14, 2010


Spirit of Vatican II

Comparing Sipe's "A Secret World" (1990) and the new version "Celibacy in Crisis" (2003) I notice that he has not revised the rather creaky Freudian psychologizing. He has added material that makes sexual abuse of adolescents more "understandable": the case of a sexually experienced 15 yo who initiates a sexually inexperienced priest, takes the lead in their relationship, moves in with the priest as his "nephew" for three years and eventually goes on to become a married man. Sipe suggests that he could (or should?) still denounce the priest for criminal abuse of him when he was an adolescent.


Your June and July posts are missing.

Are you still around?

What do you think of the Pope's trip to the U.K. and Latin Liturgy?

Spirit of Vatican II

Sorry, I'm too busy or lazy to put up new postings recently. I don't object to a papal Mass in Latin in the UK as long as it's Novus Ordo. At least we are being spared the spectacle of the worst English translation ever of the liturgy being used at the beatification of the best theological stylist in English.

Brian Gallagher

Will you see this? will you read it? This is what happened. I don't want anything to do with this, I want this to be something unusual to me but it's not.


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