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February 02, 2006


Ronald Cowen

Dear Josephsoleary

Both meditation and modern psychotherapy focus on the "ego" (or "non-ego) or "self" (or non-self"). There is great merit in this but, in my view, it is not the direction of future development in meditation and psychotherapy. Focus on the self has reached a plateau in both fields. In 1979, Trevarthen discovered "primary intersubjectivity," the fact that infants accurately estimate the subjectivity of their mothers. This discovery is to psychology as the Michelson-Morley experiment was to physics because it presents facts that cannot be explained by modern psychology. And traditional meditation theory has been silent about the nature and development of the intersubjective even though Vajrayana Buddhism and Tantric Hinduism make extensive reference to it. The new focus, I predict, will be on the intersubjective or interpersonal. On my blog, myinsights.typepad.com, I have entered a post named "Meditation" that provides a summary of my point of view. I have also written a book called Interpersonal Enlightenment: A Path to Love and Friendship that develops my insights in depth.

I look forward to your feedback,
Ronald Cowen


I will read this article over the weekend and let you know what i think on Monday. it is a holiday here in australia tomorrow, ANZAC day, something to do with war....not my thing but anyway i get time off. perhaps you would answer a question for me once i have trawled my way through this lovely big story :)


I don't agree with every part of this, but it is powerful and leaves me with much to consider.

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