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June 16, 2006


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duart maclean

Kashmiri Saivism and Ramana Maharshi distinguish between ego and Ego. The 'me' is the 'i am' of the mind: 'i am' over here, 'you' are over there: we are separate. You are the object, i am the subject. This is the ultimate illusion referred to by Vedanta. The relative reality of 'otherness' is not denied.

The Ego, on the other hand, is the 'I am that I am' of the Consciousness which not only sees the world It creates, but is also the very essence (or Being) of that world. All matter is energy and energy is, ultimately, consciousness. Energy has its being in Consciousness -- a consciousness which has two sides, personal and impersonal.

Ramana Maharshi, an upholder of Sankara's philosophy, said: "Siva (God) is the Being assuming all forms, and the Consciousness seeing them. That is to say, Siva is the background underlying both the subject and the object. Everything has its being in Siva and because of Siva."

The dualism of the Western religions is not wrong, simply incomplete.

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