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October 12, 2006


jason gosnell

that jesus sits at the right hand of the father is a poetic rendering of a nondual truth...all poetic renderings look dualistic on the surface. jesus is essentially one with the father...after he dies there is no difference between jesus and father.

"sits at the right hand" just means he is one with the Source. all the teachings are non-dual, but a poetic rendering of them makes them look dualistic. they speak to the subconscious mind, not the rational mind. if you handle them rationally, you interpret them literally. then you end up either a literal minded Christian or someone who argues with literal-minded Christians. so, you miss the meaning.

the reason people like literal non-dual terms is the their rational mind doesn't get hung up taking the poetic teachings literally. for example, when you sit in meditation you "kill the buddha!!" is closer to a nondual statement than saying something like "when you are upright...you walk with buddha." but, they mean the same thing essentially...you are buddha!

koans also look somewhat dualistic when you don't know what they point to, "show me the face you had before you were born!"

but they go much deeper.

poetic language is the same...it is allegory and appears to be dualistic, but it always points to oneness.

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