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October 07, 2006



Stumbled upon you in search of info on The Beatitudes. Found your essay and apparent liberal leanings gratifying. I have worked in the Catholic church as music educator (el) and music minister for many years, though non catholic, loving it, but experiencing what it is to live in harm's way as well.


I find it more than a bit ironic that you frequently critique the new translation of the liturgy for its obscure and awkward language and then praise esoteric Breton's take on Christianity.

Spirit of Vatican II

Philosophical language is often obscure -- Breton's less than others -- but the language of liturgy should not be obscure, as Vatican II insists.


Who cares what Vatican II said? That was a half century ago.

Spirit of Vatican II

You're joking, I hope. Thanks for Vexilla Regis -- I wonder was that review kept from us in Maynooth -- so as not to advertise how the 'cuts' had flourished?


I think the last issue was 1964, so before you entered.

By right I should gather them up and scan them in, if only for historical reasons, but that's quite a daunting prospect (and I have a mountain of stuff still to scan anyway). They really do give a taste of the Irish Church in that era and the ads are priceless! You're so lucky to have experienced the 50s.

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