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June 18, 2007


Michael J. Bayly

Hi Joseph,

Great post - as usual!



Fr Chris

Great post -- I had not read Heard's piece, and I'm glad I read it along with your annotations and comments. :-)

Fundamentalist attitudes toward the Bible have poisoned the whole Christian landscape. I had my eyes opened to this during a panel with other clergy on issues of sexual health at a university in our area. Several of the questions (and all the questions that dealt with Scripture) were along the lines of, "Can you give me some Bible verses that say X is okay?" Many of the students were Roman Catholics or mainline Protestants. I tried to engage them by defusing some of the clobber passages used on the issues and then shifting to talking about the Bible as something we have to live with day to day and let it form our lives as a whole, but that seemed to be far outside what they expected. I'm not sure many of the students had any idea what I was getting at -- which speaks to very bad catechesis in mainstream churches even outside evangelicalism.


Cool...I now have a new term for myself: NeoCath!

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