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July 20, 2007



I read many good reactions from the French episcopate. I read lukewarm reactions too. But harsh not. Which bishops are you thinking of?

Joseph O'Leary

I don't know what statement of the French bishops Melloni is referring to. The word Melloni uses is "durezza". Perhaps he means some statement made before the Motu Proprio was issued?


There was indeed a fear about the motu proprio in France : some bishops were afraid that the "liturgical war strikes back".

However since it has been available, I read many good reactions, and two or three half-hearted reactions, no more. I haven't heard of any single negative reaction.

(However I have to say that I did not read the reaction of Jacques Gaillot our "rebel" bishop.)


Joseph O'Leary

Paris, Jul. 9, 2007 (CWNews.com) - A survey by the French magazine Pelerin found that 23% of respondents, including 29% of self-declared practicing Catholics, support the papal motu proprio allowing wider use of the 1962 Roman Missal.

Those most likely to support the return of the Mass of Blessed John XXIII are Catholics over the age of 65 and those who support center-right political parties.

Against the celebration of the extraordinary form of the Mass are 45% of respondents and 65% of self-declared practicing Catholics.

SIXTY FIVE PERCENT OF PRACTICING CATHOLICS IN FRANCE REJECT THE CELEBRATION OF THE TRIDENTINE MASS. Benedict is investing in a rancid past and ignoring the wisdom of the People of God as they progress in the present toward the future.


However, most of the Catholics I know there haven't really understood what the motu proprio is about, French media being poorly informed and having a poor analysis (just right vs left or suchlike...)

Paul Goings

"Benedict is investing in a rancid past and ignoring the wisdom of the People of God as they progress in the present toward the future."

Well, the wisdom of 71% of them, to be sure. And that's a clear majority. And a clear majority always speaks with wisdom. And thus I am looking forward to Fr O'Leary's upcoming essay celebrating the joys of segregation of whites and Negroes in some parts of the United States, where the practice enjoyed the support of a clear majority of respondents to various surveys taken.

That will hold us over until he can complete his essay celebrating the joys of National Socialism, and the extermination of the perfidious Jewish race, which also proved its wisdom through the support of a clear majority of Germans in the 1930's.

Joseph O'Leary

It is very insulting to compare the majority of practicing French Catholics, who in fidelity to Vatican II are following the biblically-based and participative liturgy of the Council, with the Nazis.

david power

His logic was correct and yours was poor as it was serving your own prejudices and nothing else.Certainly not Truth.The Pope gives us a little bit of diversity and you freak out and go all reactionary in your language,I think it is best for him not to try that again.You speak a lot about the Council but are short on quotes.Wonder why?

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