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July 18, 2007


Joseph O'Leary

And for some more Irish common sense, read this letter to today's Irish Times:

Madam, - The Vatican has captured attention with its declaration that only the Roman Catholic Church faithfully and authentically embodies the true Church of Christ; that the Church founded by Christ subsists in the Roman Church alone. Other churches are, as it were, ersatz organisations, counterfeit copies of the real thing, or mere ecclesiastical communities.

Could it be, however, that the difference between the two is that Catholics believe sincerely that we ought not under any condition to tamper with the tradition as it was handed down, whereas Protestants believe that actually to tamper in this way with the tradition is that very tradition creatively interpreted.

The choice, perhaps, may be between fossilisation and evolution. It is possible to envisage a perfectly formed and attractive object (like the Church); an object that may be unique and pure, but that remains nonetheless embedded sterilely in the amber of tradition.

No doubt that may be a fascinating object to contemplate and admire; and a comforting refuge to retreat to. However, if it lacks the capacity to change and adapt then the danger is that it may render itself fruitlessly irrelevant to the world it seeks so earnestly to evangelise. - Yours, etc,

Thomas P. Walsh

Terrence Berres

" If you go back to the old lectionary and give the priest no place to add personal contemporizing inflections to the ritual except in the Sunday sermon slot..."

Then maybe we wouldn't hear every year that the vestments are green for ordinary time rather than in support of the Green Bay Packers.

Joseph O'Leary

Two crucially important points are made by Father John Carville

"Strangely missing from the documents we have received so far from Rome on these liturgical changes is any reference to the two-fold focus of Vatican II's Constitution on the Liturgy. The active participation of the laity offering themselves to God with Christ in the of the document. The old Latin liturgy had long relegated the laity to the role of passive observers. The return to the vernacular was a way of reestablishing contact with the common people by enabling them to pray the Eucharist in an understandable way. Likewise it made it possible for them to take active roles as lectors and extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist, song leaders and musicians. The Archbishop of Milan, Cardinal Montini, who would guide the council to its conclusion as Paul VI, noted that the basic center of approval for the document came from the fact that in it the liturgy was for the people and not the other way around.

"The second goal of the Council was renewed emphasis on Sacred Scripture in the Liturgy of the Word. There was much praise from the Vatican II Fathers for the biblical character of the text and joy that it would contribute greatly to the promotion of active participation in the liturgy. In the Vatican II calendar of the Mass, virtually the entire Bible is presented over a three- year cycle. This has been so successful for the promotion of Scripture that most mainline Protestant churches have adopted the same cycle of readings. In comparison, the readings of the old Latin Missal are greatly restricted. Where feasts coincide in the two missals, the Pope's "motu proprio" seems to allow substitution, but if the old missal is used throughout the year, the scriptural renewal of the liturgy will be lost.

"We must remember that it is Catholic faith that the teachings of Ecumenical Councils in union with the pope are guided by the Holy Spirit. They are the result of debate, but in this case the voice of the Spirit seems to have been heard rather clearly. The vote approving the Constitution on the Liturgy was 2,162 for and 46 against. Seven votes were invalid. The Holy Spirit had lined up his votes rather well. We forget so soon, and in the name of tradition."



The eventual end of the Novus Ordo is near.. Amen..now you liberals can take your clown masses with you along with the tamborines and guitars..AND LEAVE

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