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July 24, 2007


Mark Andrews

I approach stories like this from a different perspective. Rather than academic anthropology, I think of events like this as "private revelation" at best. Private revelation, even if entirely consistent with the teaching of the Catholic Church, is merely private - and therefore optional.

No one can sincerely practice a religion without encountering the weird. But the worst part of the weird is it distracts people from Faith, the object of Faith, and the fruitful expressions of Faith. What is a bigger miracle - seeing a statue spontaneously move, or to, say, fully engage with the Rosary and its message?

I am a blockhead. What I appreciate the most about the Rosary is the constant repetition of Annunciation. Christ's Incarnation is at once a past, historic reality; a miraculous entry of the Divine into time & history; and a present & immediate reality to be received, pondered and acted upon. I can only receive the news of weird with indifference.

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