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November 13, 2007


Erika Baker

Fr O'Leary,
an off-topic comment -
I noticed your (?) translation of Cardnial Ratzinger's letter.
Should you ever require German-English translations, please don't hesitate to contact me.
I have worked on a voluntary basis with Prof. Christian Troll of Frankfurt University (http://www.answers-to-muslims.com/) and would be very happy to assist you on a voluntary basis too, should the need ever arise.

Erika Baker

"Cardnial Ratzinger's"

I'll even check my spellings :-))

Bernard Brandt

Dear Fr. O'Leary:

Thank you for making more available this letter of the former Cardinal Ratzinger, which does shed some light on His present Holiness' intentions as regards the recent Motu Proprio.

But I am curious as regards why you find his intentions "frightening". I personally have found the lack of continuity with Holy Tradition in most RC priests' service of the Mass of Paul VI to be less than edifying.

I would be most interested in hearing your thoughts regarding this matter.

By the bye, after a long hiatus with my own weblog, I am intending on returning to publishing my writings, and more particularly, I am preparing an essay as regards my opinions on the recent motu proprio. I would like to have your permission to quote from you, because while I disagree with you in some particulars, I concur entirely with your conclusions. I would of course send via e-mail a copy of my essay for your review before publication.


An edifying Letter!


You might spend less time fearing this letter and more time fearing for your eternal soul.


So, in other words, the Mass should be what the Documents of Vatican II describe? What a revolutionary idea!


Also ich glaube dies ist eh nur eine kurzweilige Erscheinung


Herrlich, endlich habe ich den Sachverhalt kapiert ;-)

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