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December 13, 2007



It's sad that way back in those days of the Council and in the subsequent years of liturgical change, we ordinary folk did not have the internet. Where I live I don't believe we even had a diocesan newspaper. One caught on more or less to what was happening in the Sunday bulletin and by observation at Mass. I wonder how the net might have affected it all had it been available.

I have never understood all the arguments against the changes. I guess I was boiled like a frog and fell in with the changes comfortably as they came down the pipes. The reversion I would hate to see the most is the priest with his back to the congregation. I know many very conservative Catholics are itching for that one.

Thank you Father O'Leary for your column. I don't understand everything you write but I enjoy reading it all.

Bernard Brandt

May I take it, then, that this is your answer to a question which I have posted to an earlier entry?

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