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March 18, 2008



Most catholics will, I hope, pass over yet another fruitless and convoluted discussion of what the mass is. We cannot expect the leaders of the church to ever get it right. With regard to the liturgy they lack competence. With the latest changes in the liturgy about to be foisted off on the laity we can see once again the sinister obession with ritual. Moore's comment about the 'long enduring errors' is telling. These errors are evidence of a deep and centuries long corruption in the church and especially in the hierarchy. The church is a secular religious institution whose bosses are more concerned with ritual than with freedom and peace. And so their endless flow of subtle utterances.


Karl Rahner? "Of unquestioned orthodoxy"??????? Question!


Disagree with Jeff quite a bit as there have been those who labored to understand these things, even though they often were lost in the mimetic crowd. I disagree with Jeremy nearly entirely. Rahner is I believe trying to understand, and that is all too rare these days, but possibly getting better. Tradition can be criticized and pruned.

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