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June 09, 2008



You should read Freedom and Authority by Paul Verghese, ( Mar Paulos Gregorios) written in 1972.

Basically his argument is that authority based on power will crumble. The only real authority comes from holiness.

I think we are seeing the crumbling of authority based on power in all religions. Perhaps there will be holy ones who can truly express authority.


You have really lost it, Reverend Father.


I think you hit the nail on the head Reverend Father.

I hope Will explains his view.

Bernard Brandt

Dear Fr. O'Leary (Father, Bless):

With all due respect, and without addressing the issue of the appropriateness of His Holiness' dealings with Berlusconi (regarding whom I have no brief), I think in the case of His Highness, Bush II, that the maxim of Napoleon is apposite: "Never ascribe to malice what can adequately be explained by incompetence."

I think that just about everything from the use of torture to B II's attempts to abrogate constitutional protections can be explained in the light of Bush's failure to send in special forces to secure Al-Tuiatha, Saddam's nuclear facility. It would appear that by the time that the armed forces took Baghdad and Al-Tuaitha, the indigenous population had looted the entire nuclear site, stealing thousands of pounds of nuclear materiel, destroying all records of Saddam's nuclear weapons procurement plan, and thwarting any ability on Bush's part to be able to prove that Saddam either had nuclear weapons or (as I think likely) still had the plans and personnel for building such.

Of course, I will leave (for now) largely unaddressed Bush's many other fiascos in Iraq, from ignoring his military and letting Rumsfeld and Cheney have control of Iraq, to Rumsfeld's appointment of the egregious L. Paul Bremer to be in charge of the rebuilding of Iraq.

In that light, while it was perhaps unwise of His Holiness to have dealings with Bush II, I do not believe that the matter is anything in the league of the misdoings of the Borgia popes, or of the really nasty internecine papal strife of the 9th through 11th centuries.

As always, however, I appreciate your weblog, and thank you particularly for your posting of links to your on-line publications.


One cannot respond to such a post as this because its author very clearly did not employ reality or balanced reason in formulating most of his points. Prayer is what's required here.


B., don't you think what you just said was a little arrogant?

It sure is easy to shrug someone off by saying their thoughts aren't even worth engaging, but you're not going to be taken very seriously in a discussion when this is all that you do.

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