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April 09, 2009



Having read the entire article, it seems to me fairly clear that the SSPX affair has some relevance.

Lefebvre did not like democracy, denouncing Vatican II as an extension of the French Revolution, (by extension, I would presume that the American Revolution was to be similarly denounced).

It seems to me that there is a rather powerful, or rather "wannabe powerful" group in the Vatican that seeks to return the Church to a pre-democratic, pre-modern, state. I don't think the group will be ultimately successful.

I would have been interested in the author's opinion of the Justinian Code. This Code seems to be what the "wannabe powerful" group wishes to have promulgated.

cor ad cor loquitur

This looks like one of the more important articles to emerge from the debate of the last few years.

It is unfortunate that it is buried within a relatively obscure academic journal: accessible to academics whose institutions happen to subscribe to to Project MUSE but not otherwise except by paying US $15 for a total of two days' access!

I wonder if Aidan O'Neill could be encouraged to give permission for Joseph to post the whole of the piece on his blog? From what I can see it is important thinking and deserves a wider viewing.

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