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February 24, 2010


Gene O'Grady

I'm not wild about "just" either, but what would you propose? (I assume the Latin is something on the order "dignum et iustum.)

For what it's worth, while parts of the 1998 are pretty impressive, I have to confess I actually like a lot of the 1973 stuff, particularly the Ascension preface.

Spirit of Vatican II

"dignum iustum aequum salutare" mean literally "worthy just right salutary".

"Worthy" is archaic in this usage.

"Just" has Cranmer on its side, but it does not seem to make much sense as a contemporary usage here. "Fitting" is a bit twee. "Meet" and "seemly" are archaic.

"We do well to give you thanks and praise" was OK, but it left "aequum et salutare" untranslated.

"Our duty" for aequum sounds odd; it is just not the sort of thing people say today.

To translate "salutare" as "our salvation" rather than simply as "salutary" introduces a theologically questionable exaggeration.

In fact the four Latin words are just pleonastic Roman liturgical style and should not be translated literally.



You are dead on with your comment on "salutare"

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