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April 30, 2010



By means of this new translation, the hierarchy will once again, as it has been doing for centuries, inflict the great majority of the laity with spiritual and emotional suffering. And the attitude of the reactionaries and integrists is this: the time for payback has arrived.

Spirit of Vatican II

Yes, Jeff, even if the quality of the translation did not set off alarm bells, the extraordinary revanchist rhetoric that has surrounded its promotion should do so. The same hierarchs who failed to hear alarm bells in the case of sexual crimes are now refusing to hear them again.

Spirit of Vatican II

Bishop Trautman continues to insist on the fact that the new translations manifestly trample on the prescriptions of Vatican II: http://www.eriercd.org/pdf/mcmanus.pdf


Having read George Ripon's article in Catholica, what are we to think when the leaders of the Church misuse the word 'reform'?
Is it simply a case of a lack of intelligence or is it premeditated? What sort of understanding of life must a person have to convince himself that the new translation is 'reform' when in fact it is not? Is it possible or even desirable to dialogue with those who are locked into a mindset that is fundamentally autocratic?

This entire debacle is indicative of something much worse than a reactionary revision of the missal. A statement in Ripon's article provides a hint (and I think Merton would have agreed): "The obsession with changing the language of the Mass is in my view out of proportion to any problems." I hope Catholics will begin to see the implications of that assertion.
It is in the liturgy that the great majority of the faithful can see and experience what is happening in the institution. A moribund rigidity is replacing a dynamic, life-filled celebration. If more and more Catholics are not going to Mass, I am not convinced that the Pope and his people care.

Spirit of Vatican II

There is nothing much wrong with the language of the liturgy as it stands, except for the sawdust collects, secrets, and postcommunions, which the Vatican refused to replace with better versions. The problem is not language but what you rightly called "moribund rigidity".

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