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May 09, 2010


Spirit of Vatican II

A completely wacky site, the well-named forum.ship-of-fools.com failed to recognize that these "Lucien" postings are FICTION.

Spirit of Vatican II

Andrew Sullivan's campaign to have the lowdown on the sexual orientation of the new Supreme Court nominee strikes me as childish and obsessive. But he was decent about Lucien and George: "I have always found the coercive exposure of details of people's private sex lives to be appalling and cruel. Readers may have noticed that I have barely touched the story of George Rekers, just as I was not among those most eager to pounce on Larry Craig. My core reason is that exposing the complicated lives of people by single acts or humiliating moments is a form of cruelty, and no civil rights movement can or should be built on cruelty to others."


Is Joseph O'Leary a layman or a priest? I ask for a number of reasons, not least that he seems to be the only person who gets through the moderation process at the ACP blog. Presumably, then, he's a priest.

Spirit of Vatican II

Looks like your anti-Vatican 2 piece went through with only a slight delay -- a little bit of patience please!

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