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February 08, 2011


Brian Gallagher

So the South African laity were ideologues pushing for radical egalitarianism?

I get the depressing feeling that the new missal was created because the old one didn't have the ring of magic spells to it. Wasn't there a laughable defense made of the new missal's catechetical value along the lines of, "It'll be so unintelligible, people will ask what it means and then the priest can explain it!"?

Spirit of Vatican II

Brian, yes, this farce has really attained outlandish proportions. I think the Vatican are making total fools of themselves, as are our servile bishops. They are sleepwalking to humiliating disaster just as Bush and his buddies did in Iraq. I admit to a dose of schadenfreude and prerevolutionary excitement.


Regarding the new translation, Cardinal Napier and other self-serving efforts to defend a botched up job:
can anything good come out of the Vatican? And one more thing: the knowledge and education of Catholics who have an 8 to 5 job is pitiful, unless you count an occasional evening Bible study class led by the inimitable Scott Hahn as education.

David Walker

The new translation is not bad. It is good.

All this bitching about a translation of the Mass reminds me of the psychological sickness of the pretty girl who looks in the mirror and sees a fat slob. It's a sickness of the mind and the sickness affects both radical factions who see Vatican II as a rupture: the SSPX and the Modernists. Two extremes, with one thing in common: a disfunctional spirituality and a dead end.

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