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February 10, 2011



I've read some of Paul Turner's work and liked it. I'm sorry to see he has become an apologist for the anti-Vatican II liturgy.
With the Bishop he has maybe it's the only way he can survive...

Kenny P

As a common or garden bum on pew, I welcome the new translation. The English of the 1970 s version is obviously cobbled together.
I feel that many objectors are just using it as a stick with which to beat their Bishops. Good sport I am sure, and understandable. But please do not beat the faithful as well.

Spirit of Vatican II

Of course we all dislike the 1973 translation, but that does not make the 2008/2010 translation any better. Have a look at the 1998 translation, which seems to be a vast improvement on 1973 and to avoid the drab mediocrity and inarticulateness of the 2008/2010 effort.

I don't think people are looking for an excuse to beat bishops -- the real complaint is that the Vatican have beaten the bishops; and some bishops have beaten bishops who tried to resist this (a well known dynamic in bullying), such as the brave Donald Trautman. There are also Maurice Taylor and Kevin Dowling -- these courageous bishops take their pastoral and liturgical responsibility seriously.

If you think the critics of the new translation are beating up on the faithful, how do you explain the outcry of the faithful in South Africa, who perceive the new translation as itself beating up on them? But have you really studied the new translation?

Kenny P

I have not had the chance to read it completely yet, not being a Church "professional" I have other things to do. But I have read a fair bit and indeed Studied Fr Lang s thoughts on the same. I like what I read , so far.

Spirit of Vatican II

You must be referring to this: http://www.adoremus.org/0910Translations_RomanMissal.html -- which is indeed perhaps the best defense of the new translation that I have seen. Though I don't see why he thinks "te igitur clementissime Pater" is so unusual in Latin as to demand the unusual word order of the new English translation. The Latin word order seems quite ordinary.

Kenny P

Sort of, there was an even more in depth serialisation in the London Oratory website. Now gone I think

Gene O'Grady

Well I like the 1973 translation, but then I've gone over to the Episcopal Church, so maybe I don't count!

Altho' the 1998 translation was better, and the new one is much worse. Funny thing is I'm usually a great enemy of everything from the 70's.

"Co-heirs" sounded OK to me until I thought about it.

Theologian of Arundel and Brighton

Why are you so anti the translation? It seems to me to be far more theologically open instead of being reserved for the knowledge of the clergy. Who is resisting it? Because apart from the Irish, Ive seen no evidence for this so called resistance you speak of. I think you are in a minority.

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