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July 24, 2011



1985? Oh yeah that was a good year.

Brian Gallagher

I've often had the same thought as the reviewer: that atheists and theists are operating on the same wavelength. Furthermore, I believe that the current popular definition of agnosticism is also on that wavelength, as if agnostics are waiting for the evidence to come in.

I struggle with the limits of these categories; I want to get past them but the open door reveals such a wide vista I don't know where to begin. As of now, I'm comfortable being a friend of Jesus of Nazareth, or at least trying to be. As far as God goes, I honestly can't say much or anything at all.

PS: Please don't allow the Keyboard Commandos of Orthodoxy dissuade you from posting more.

Spirit of Vatican II

Brian, sorry for my somewhat intemperate reply to you on the bilgrimage site.

Reading Eckhart just now I see that the "wide vista" is somewhat unsettling. But Eckhart was perfectly orthodox as far as orthodoxy goes. Indeed, as the fine flower of Dominican scholasticism how could he have been anything else? Theologians are usually far more orthodox than their paranoid critics, for they grasp the full subtlety of the historical developments and the hermeneutical challenges.

Eckhart just wanted to say that the deepest religious insight is on a level beyond the kind of orthodoxy that can be scholastically or bureaucratically regulated.


"Keyboard Commandos of Orthodoxy" I love it. I hope I am one!!
I would nt worry to much about anyone putting Father off posting Brian!

Brian Gallagher

Apology accepted 100%.
I myself, I'm sure you've noticed, have swoon towards personal anecdotes to define an entire category. I apologize since I presume that we're committed to scientific results. Or at least anecdotal evidence that points that way.
Bill of bilgrimage.com is probably the kindest/fairest blog moderator out there. I suggest that you keep commenting there. He knows firsthand the definition of welcoming and unwelcoming.

Once, I was so outraged by the razing of Fallujah that I asked that you post an article on your blog. You did and for that I am ever grateful. Amazingly, people showed up to claim that a razing of 70% of the city doesn't constitute razing.

Joe, these are the opponents we're dealing with. Fine arguments, the FACTS even, will not persuade them. We must find ways of persuasion other than than a dispassionate accout of the news. I think that means open admiration for anyone not privileged by our status quo might help.

I don't wanna be so crude as to say that your opponents, "need to get laid." but if they keep harping on the decadence of "our society" I might end up at that conclusion.. and I would mean it in the most positive, humanist way, not in the appeasionist way that "get laid" is used among more waggish commenters.

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