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September 20, 2011


Spirit of Vatican II

The letters posted above, from the Praytellblog.com site, tell the story of how the faithful have been betrayed by imperious Roman bureaucrats. The stupidity and spinelessness of church leaders, especially the bishops who rubber-stamped this dreck (at least in its 2008 form, for the 2010 form has ten thousand unauthorized corrections), simply beggar belief. Faith needs to find a firm basis, to overcome the scandal posed by the ineptitude of its teachers.

Spirit of Vatican II

A 11-year old points out the obvious: they've made it worse! http://www.paulvallely.com/?p=4324


If you really want to poke those imperious Roman bureaucrats in they eye, try this: boycott that horrible new translation and say the mass in Latin instead! That'll learn them fascists.

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