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February 15, 2012


Gene O'Grady

Well, I handled the first paragraph OK.

But it brings to mind a feeling I often have on this website -- is there any way to display the longer posts in wider columns so they are easier to read?

Spirit of Vatican II

I just changed the format -- what do you think?

Jonathan Day

Joe, I like the new look of the blog. It is cleaner and more legible.

For me the layout of the post on 'Newman's Literary Empiricism' works better than the one you used for this lecture. I found the slightly smaller, lighter typeface and the non-justified column made the essay easier on the eyes.

Gene O'Grady

Much easier to follow. A little light, but that may be my machine.


Joseph the new format makes it harder to read your posts. The horizontal stretch of the sentences is intolerably long and sore on the eyes. Any change the right margin could be lengthened?

BTW you are a very multi-talented person! I'm impressed!

Brian Gallagher

I see "Read the rest" links on more and more blogs. It seems like a solution to the long entry-scrolling format problem. Bilgrimage has adopted that format and good thing, too - Bill doesn't exactly suffer from writer's block!

Spirit of Vatican II

Good idea, but I don't know how to create them!


Why not just switch to wordpress? You have to pay for typepad.

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