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January 30, 2013



Would the Second Vatican Council have affirmed the goodness of homosexual relations?

Spirit of Vatican II

Bruno, your question has no connection with the post. In any case, I think it is clear that if Vatican II had discussed the gay issues openly (but that was at a time where the taboo against such discussion was deep -- itself a sign of monstrous violence against gays) -- or if a functioning, truly collegial Synod, had discussed them -- they would certainly have come up with something more pastorally informed and humanly sensitive than the dismal Vatican documents on these issues since 1975. The discussions on religious liberty and on the Jews brought a revolutionary change of perspective. The discussions on birth control and celibacy were aborted by papal veto, with sad results that are still with us. The council fathers were by no means raving revolutionaries but they had a sense of reality, borne in on them by their vast collective pastoral experience. Handing over such profound human issues as those raised by lgbt folk to the tender mercies of the CDF bureaucrats has not been an inspired pastoral policy.

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