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March 07, 2013


Spirit of Vatican II

I am not the only one mystified by the music: http://www.mesillusionscomiques.com/archive/2013/03/02/phedre-comedie-francaise.html

The French are not a musical people and French cafés have the most annoying musical backgrounds I have met anywhere.

Spirit of Vatican II


Spirit of Vatican II


Spirit of Vatican II

Outrage here: http://unfauteuilpourlorchestre.com/critique-phedre-de-racine-mise-en-scene-de-michael-marmarinos-a-la-comedie-francaise/

Spirit of Vatican II



For those who do not know what is what in the theatre. Marmarinos is the director of the show and not the producer!!!

Spirit of Vatican II

Pierre Niney went on to great fame with his stunning thriller "Un homme parfait."

Spirit of Vatican II


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